Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

Although life expectancy varies with size, cats and dogs are considered senior at the age of 7. Just like people, older pets are much more likely to develop conditions such as cancer, heart/kidney/liver disease, arthritis, diabetes, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, and cognitive dysfunction. Common signs of a problem include:

  • weight loss or gain
  • changes in appetite
  • increased water consumption and urination
  • repeated vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • decreased activity
  • persistent coughing or excessive panting
  • house soiling
  • difficulty urinating or defecating
  • blood in stool or urine
  • foul breath
  • poor coat quality
  • lameness or stiffness
  • changes in behavior or attitude
  • new lumps and bumps

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets are now living longer than ever before. Early detection and treatment are key to your pet’s happy and healthy “golden years.”

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