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About Us

Irvine, CA veterinary care!

Animal Hospital of Irvine is the culmination of an abiding friendship between two veterinarians who share a devotion for medical care that is compassionate, ethical, sound, and thorough. Dr. Baumann and Dr. Lai met in autumn of 1995 at freshman orientation for their UC Davis veterinary class. They worked closely as lab and surgery partners during their 4-year graduate education and upon receiving their degrees in 1999, proceeded to practice as associate veterinarians in Irvine. The experience exposed them to an array of issues pertinent to pet care today and profoundly shaped their views of what constitutes quality medicine. In 2003, Dr. Baumann and Dr. Lai founded the Animal Hospital of Irvine (AHI) to promote their vision of a clean, modern facility that melds up-to-date medical treatment with old-fashioned virtues of honesty, integrity, and compassion.

Animal Hospital of Irvine

4200 Trabuco Road Ste 160
Irvine, California, 92620

Phone: 949-559-9988 Fax: 949-559-5868

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