In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are stepping up our care as much as possible to help ensure the well-being of our clients and our staff. This includes “social distancing” to limit foot traffic in and out of our hospital. With this in mind, we have introduced a process where pet owners can feel safe in their cars while we care for their pets. Here’s how it works...

Please call us from the car informing us you have arrived. Only our hospital staff and veterinary patients will be allowed in the hospital while you wait in your vehicles. Please consider bringing a phone charger to use in your car. 

For appointments: We will ask you to wait in your car for a technician to take your pet into the hospital. Following the doctor’s examination, you will be contacted by phone to consult with the doctor.

For pick-up/drop-off appointment (No earlier than 9:00 AM): A staff member will come out to the vehicle with your pet, medications/belongings, and any discharge instructions.

For medication and diet pick-up/refill (No earlier than 9:00 AM): A staff member will come out to the vehicle with meds/diets and any instructions.

For boarding and new clients: Please fill out the appropriate forms ahead of time. These documents can be accessed on our website under the heading "Client Resources." Personal bedding and toys will not be allowed for boarding. We have blankets and toys at our hospital that we will use. 

Thank you for helping us do our part in keeping our community stay healthy!

Animal Hospital of Irvine

Animal Hospital of Irvine

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